This is the website of The Writers’ Guide, your first stop for creative writing advice.

The Writers’ Guide is a concise, accessible summary of key information that will help you improve your craft; providing a comprehensive primer for those new to creative writing and a handy refresher for the more experienced.

Chapters cover core writing topics such as story structure, characters, dialogue, revision and editing; while others offer guidance on subjects such as generating ideas, titles and submissions.

Much of the advice in The Writers’ Guide is geared to the novelist, but there are specialist chapters devoted to a variety of writing forms, including screenplays, poetry and the stage; you'll even find advice on covers fringe topics such as slogan competitions and photo-stories.

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About Me

I’m a published author (of non-fiction) with a few self-published novels to my name. Before I took up fiction writing I was the assistant editor of a UK trade magazine, and before that a freelance writer submitting articles to a range of national periodicals. I’ve also worked in television and radio as a script writer and researcher with around 15 shows to my credit.

When I first had the idea for The Writers’ Guide, I planned it as a how-to book that would take any writer through the basics of any aspect of writing. Unfortunately, it turns out that publishers don’t want to sell you one book that tells you everything; they want to sell you lots of books that each tell you a bit. In short, they weren’t interested. However, rather than waste the research I’d already done, I decided to put the content into this website (and turn it into an e-book). I hope you enjoy it, your comments, questions and suggestions are welcome.

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